We love our volunteers! They are these amazing angels who strive to make a difference during their travels. We are thankful for their full support, time and dedication while we continue building the organisation. Check out this rad collection of people who are part of the Puppy Puddle family.

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Tenille Hunter, Canada

Puppies, yoga, surfing and community. Siargao has stolen my heart. When I travel it feels weird to constantly take take take and not give back in some way. Volunteering to be of service to the animals and the earth makes the best memories and truly fills your cup. You get to know the locals and give back to a place that gives so much to you. The heart and soul of this island is so powerful and the people who live here are so kind. I’m incredible grateful for Puppy Puddles being here. In the short time this NGO has been here, the work they have done can be seen everywhere. The animals and locals now have access to medicine, medical care and nutrition thanks to those who donate their time and money. The people of the island love their animals and just need a little helping hand to provide them with the health and wellness that is available for their beloved pets. Volunteering at a spay and neuter clinic brought me to tears seeing how the owners of the animals comforted them as the sedation wore off. The hearts of the people here are so big! Thank you Puppy Puddles and thank you Siargao for all that you are’


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Desiree Gamotin, Canada

Volunteering at my first Puppy Puddle free spay/neuter clinic was one of the most memorable and heartwarming experiences. I moved to Siargao from Toronto, Canada back in November 2018, and as a newbie to the island, seeing so much love and compassion from the locals here was just so moving. Vets were flown in from Manila to Siargao to provide these services to owners who can’t afford it, helping their pets live longer and healthier and preventing the spread of more neglected puppies on the streets. Speaking with some of the locals in Salvacion, the small village where I volunteered, it was a much needed service and they were so grateful for it. I helped with administering the antibiotics and rabies injections to the cats and dogs and spoke with the owners on how to properly take care of their pets when they wake up. Not only were my childhood veterinarian dreams made (and I got to play with puppies!), but it was great to be a part of such an amazing and important cause for the island. The founder and organizers of Puppy Puddle have such big, beautiful hearts — I’m very much looking forward to the next event!’


Charlie Guell, Spain

For me it all started with this black dog that found me on this island and stole my heart, completely.

I have been surrounded by animals all of my life basically. When I was 4 we lived in the country side and i would just want to spend my days with the shepherd, feeding the animals, walking around the farm and even assisting with the sheep and goats giving birth. Always liked to have my hands on the field

As grew up I always always have had a dog by my side and although my job now days is not related to animals I used to live in Africa and worked as a Safari guide and traveled the seas as a dive instructor.

But there are some of the animals that pass through your life, that just the same way as friends or loved ones, keep a special place in your heart. And for me Bagheera, my island dog is for sure one of them

My experience in Puppy Puddle Siargao is hard to describe, for so many reasons that part of the world is very much important for me, but working with PPS is a healing experience for me, it grounds me, when I am taking care of a dog In need I am focused, no time for neurotic thoughts, there is something bigger and much more important. Give all the love, comfort and compassion to some creatures that are so vulnerable when they come to us.

I'm not gonna say it is all a "bed of roses" there are hard days, I've taken care and got involved with every single dog and some of them just don't make it, sometimes you see them suffer,sometimes you have to wait to finally have to take a very hard decision and then you have to let go, put yourself together, say goodbye and focus on the next one.

But when one of them makes it, when everyday you go to the clinic and you start seeing some improvement, a little sparkle on the eyes, a 100gr more, a wagging tail, oh dear, the reward is such it is all worth it.

Because even though with all the animals suffering in the world my efforts don't really make a difference, for some of the dogs we took care of, it made all the difference in the world.

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Hayley Smeulders, UK

‘I heard about Puppy Puddles from a friend when I arrived in Siargao in January and was super keen to get involved. I was welcomed into the team and introduced to the dogs that were fed in cloud 9 on the first day, and the puppies that needed walks and some TLC at the vets. I took Lola and Simon out for daily walks to build their strength up. Lola instantly stole my heart, she was the cutest most loving little pup who walked a little bit strange because she was malnourished as a pup and muscles didn't develop well. Seeing her progress in walking over the few weeks I helped out was amazing. Another highlight was my first mission with the girls - when we rescued a box of puppies with mange on the back of a motorbike! I loved helping out with Puppy Puddles and learned so much about animal care that I've been able to spread throughout my travels. Thanks for having me Puppy Puddles!’

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Hanna Korkeemaa, Finland

‘Just a couple of months ago volunteering for an animal rescue organisation was a big crazy dream of mine. With Puppy Puddle I have gotten the chance to make a difference. The best part about the work is you get to dive deep into the local life, meet the people and learn about their way of living. People here love their animals dearly, but often don’t have the means or knowledge on the best approach. Helping them solve the health issues of their animals, or being able to rescue even some of the misfortuned puppies and kittens of the island gives me so much joy, and the feeling of being able to give back’