Our rescues before and after


Nothing makes us more happy and fulfilled than watching each animal transform and flourish. With the medical help from Doc Rachelle and love showers from our volunteers, each pup and kitty have a chance to live the live they deserve and crave for. After their transformation is complete they are ready for their forever homes.


BUKOG was our first patient. He appeared under one of our volunteer’s houses severely malnourish, weak with extremely bad case of mange. He wander around the streets as though looking for his owner who seemed to abandon him. After a couple weeks at the vet, he became strong and beautiful. Bug is now leader of Alex’s happy pack. You can meet him daily at Bulalohan or Loose Keys.


HIPPIE is part of Cloud 9 pack. Lovingly taken care of our volunteers Rosanne and Tenille he is now unrecognisable. Some people didn't want to give him a chance and were inquiring to put him to sleep. We love what miracles some TLC can create!