Meet Mars and Tomas- foster parents of Charlie Brown

You might remember Charlie from our stories. He was found in Cloud 9 by Michaela @micsnaila, malnourished with severe mange. Michaela fell in love instantly and kept Charlie in the rooms that she was renting at that time. Unfortunately, she developed a rare allergy to domadetic mange and couldn’t keep him anymore. Due to distemper outbreak he could not be placed in the boarding area at the vet either. Only few hours after our foster alert for Charlie, Mars @marizandreadenise couldn’t resist and offered to foster him until the situation at the vet improved or until he finds his forever home. Mars and Tomas already have two rescue pups Manu and Anthony. She says: ‘Manu we took in at the very beginning of our relationship after Jackie called me two years ago asking if I wanted a puppy she found at Chillout. Anthony (distemper survivor) we somehow knew of from Alphonse and Alyssa but really got to know after living with him in Malinao and deciding to bring him to GL when we moved here’. Now, with Charlie enjoying the foster love and Michaela wanting to adopt him in Canada, we are looking for someone in Siargao or Cebu who will be flying to CANADA in May and is willing to bring Charlie Brown to his forever Mama. Please share this post and if you or someone you know is willing to transport him (all costs will be of course covered) please do get in touch!