We are gathering funds for mass vaccination clinic against Canine Distemper Virus

Every year when rainy season is coming to a close, around January-February, we observe significant raise in Canine Distemper cases. Canine Distemper is a horrific and violent virus, first attacking respiratory and gastrointestinal systems, followed by nervous system. It ha s a high mortality rate especially around puppies , as their immune system is not fully developed yet. Animals, unable to eat and with weekend system unable to fight secondary infections, often die in pain. We make efforts to TREAT already existing cases with resources available, which it very costly. There is a highly effective vaccine available at local vet, which also costs a fair bit, but significantly less that the treatment itelfs. This year we want to focus on PREVENTION. We want be ready for the next year season and start vaccinating puppies NOW. 

Help us purchase large quantities of the vaccinations so that we can implement our dream TODAY. We want to make Siargao Canine Distemper Virus FREE!