Ground Team

Puppy Puddle Siargao is an organic fusion of two animal loving island girls that joined the forces to make a difference in animal welfare in a place they now both call home.


Alex Goldyn


Originally from Poland, residing in the Philippines since 2010, Lotus Shores Siargao resident yoga teacher, founder of Goldyn Tonic Kombucha- sales of which support Puppy Puddle Siargao. Sharing island life with her boyfriend Patrick and their six rescue pups, two fosters and one rescue cat.

‘Since I remember I was always surrounded by dogs, whether our own, my neighbours, or strays found during vacations and travels. As a child I would pretend not to be hungry at breakfast just to give it all away to pups on the streets. While in the Philippines I volunteered for local organizations: CARA and Laguna Pit Bulls, where I learnt a lot about animal rescue and support. When I moved to Siargao in 2016, I immediately started my small, personal missions of mange control. However, it hasn’t been until two of our puppies Pumpkin and Nugget died due to severe outbreak of canine distemper, that I decided to make my mission bigger and set up some kind of central support system for the island animals. Witnessing the horrific extent of the virus and its effect on the whole population, made me realise that something had to be done. That there is an enormous need for a place where people can get involved, connect and together make a difference; a network dedicated to saving island animals lives. When I heard about Kaisa, in the neighbouring village, already doing a similar personal missions, we immediately decided to become ‘partners in crime’ and save one animal at a time. Join us and help us grow!

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Kaisa Kasemets


I always loved animals and especially dogs since I was a child and grew up in Finland with Rekku, our labrador. I dreamt about becoming a veterinary and read James Herriot ’s novels but ended up studying languages. In my 20 years of career in Travel and Tourism, I lived in different countries and traveled full-time for work, so it was always impossible to have a dog of my own. However in my travels I always felt very sad and powerless seeing dogs and other animals in bad condition, but didn’t know how to help directly. Now I live with my husband and 6 wonderful askal dogs that are all more or less rescue dogs. Papi was hanging out in the construction site, Pasi was born under our house, Tigercake just arrived from the jungle, Eero was given to us in a plastic bag, Lumi was found injured on the beach and PImu just decided she wants to live with us. Helping dogs in need and supporting dog owners who love their pets but can’t afford to take care of them properly, is my mission now.



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