About our Partners

Apart from one time event sponsors, we have an amazing group of partner organisations that continuously help and support us in our mission to save Siargao animals. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude for those deep connections within the island community.


Siargao Pet Doctors

Siargao Pet Doctors is an island vet clinic, branched out from Surigao City in the mainland Mindanao. Opened in January 2017, it is the most valuable help that we are getting to keep Puppy Puddle running. Their willingness to help and participate in island animal rescue, whether through treatment, discounted medication, waving of doctors fees, readiness to board street animals while we are waiting for construction of the shelter to kick off, has been extremely heart warming and precious. The clinic is headed by Doc Rachelle Yasay- incredibly kind hearted and sensitive human being. Her compassion and perseverance in animal welfare is truly inspirational. We can always rely on her expertise and advice. Assistant vet Junray in highly skilled in handling street animals, which is irreplaceable during our vaccination missions in local communities. Receptionist Ghee Ghee always welcomes us with a big smile and is relentless in sorting countless amounts of our vet bills. We are forever grateful to the owner of the clinic Doc Oriel Echaves for his positive response and jumping right into our idea of creating and supporting Puppy Puddle Siargao.


Philippine Pet birth control - PPBCC

Our regular and beloved partner in periodic mass spay/neuter events is Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) from Manila. This foundation is a collection of highly skilled and hard working veterinarians headed by Doc Maricel Ressurection. They are trained in an innovative flank method, which minimizes procedure time, amount of tools and medication, healing time and risk of infections. PPBCC, with its vet clinic in Mandaluyong, offers low cost spay and neuter services as well as outreach missions around the country.

Their leading mission statement is to improve quality of life of companion animals as well as diminish rabies through regular sterilization of dogs and cats. We invite PPBCC on regular basis to be a part of and conduct our mass spay/neuter events in different parts of the island. So far we partnered up with them in the following


August 2018 event sponsored by Nay Palad Resort

August 2018 event sponsored by Kindred Connection

October 2018 event sponsored by Kindred Connection

December 2018 event sponsored by Satu Tuomela

February 2019 event sponsored by Madalyn Grahn and Anke Wischala

April 2019 event sponsored by participants of Surf + Yoga + Save Puppies Retreat organised by Alex Goldyn and Shift & See

If you would like to become a sponsor of one of our future events click here

Surfing Carabao

Surfing Carabao was the main organizer with Surigao Pet Doctors for the first two clinics in Dec 2017 and June 2018 sponsoring transportation, accommodation, food and part of the medicine. It has been sponsoring medication and shots for many dogs in Malinao, and been covering different kind of costs in weekly operations from printing and giving out collars to dog food. It's actively promoting Puppy Puddle to the guests and offering them possibility to participate and see how Puppy Puddle works.

One Love Boat Siargao

One Love Boat Siargao organizes tours with a difference. Visiting popular spots around the island it offers drumming circle with the ANGDASA group, tree planting, beach and village clean ups, meditation sessions, yummy local food ad sunset cruise. The boat cruise operates twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Parts of the proceeds from each trip benefits Puppy Puddle Siargao and Nature Kids of Siargao



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