Mass Spay and Neuter Clinics

With our partner PPBCC Foundation


Overpopulation is the root cause of the overall animal suffering. Low survival rate of young puppies and kittens due to strong virus strains, road kills, unwanted litters, homelessness, malnourishment, dehydration does not grant a happy life. Most important way to control the population is mass sterilization.

Our mission is to spread the awareness and educate the local community about the importance of spaying and neutering of their pets. Mass sterilization helps to minimize the numbers of unwanted animals. Lesser amount of those unwanted animals automatically means lesser possibility of diseases such as rabies, distemper or cancer.

One of the most important goals we are striving to achieve is to organize regular mass spay and neuter events around the island. For that we partner up with amazing vets from Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) from Manila. This foundation is dedicated to providing low cost spay and neuter services in the capital, as well as outreach programs around the country. The vets are highly trained and specialized in ‘flank method’, quick and low maintenance procedure, which minimizes size of incision, healing time, need for medications and risk of infection. The aim of this method is to sterilize large amounts of animals in the shortest time possible.

For us on the island this means that a 3 day outreach mission can result in over 200 dogs and cats fixed.

While organizing each mass spay and neuter clinic we have to cover the costs of vets flights as well as a set amount of animals to be fixed.

For each of the clinics we try to cover different areas of the island. So far we visited General Luna, Catangnan, Malinao, Union, Salvacion, San Isidro, Pacifico and Burgos. As of now we have requests for:

Del Carmen and Soccoro to be covered in the future.

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Mass spay/ neuter event
Siargao Island