Canine Distemper and Parvo Virus Vaccinations

Canine Distemper and Parvo are two most widely spread viruses on the island. The strains tend to be strong and powerful. Canine distemper virus attacks respiratory and gastrointestinal systems before moving on to nervous system. In puppies mortality rate is around 90%, adults with strong immunes systems have a higher chance to survive. The outbreaks on the island seems to appear yearly around

February/March, rainy season time, when the systems are compromised and weakened. We strive to vaccinate street puppies with 6in1 vaccination that protects them against distemper and parvo amongst others. Those vaccinations are pricy (20$ per animal) and lengthy (it takes 6 weeks to complete the curseof 4 shots). We choose areas in poor communities with high concentration of puppies and adult dogs to do fortnightly visits to complete the anti-virus treatments.

Help us make the vaccine accessible to more animals by donating to this cause today.


Mange is a parasitic skin disease that touches many of our island dogs. Given the hot, tropical climate the parasites have a perfect ground to breed and persist. Mange results in severe loss of hair, scaly skin, extreme itching, which further develops into wounds that easily get infected. Mange is normally paired with intestinal parasites leading to an extremely compromised system. Although very sad to look at, mange is easily treated either with a course of endocticide injections or oral medications.

We conduct weekly mange missions, where we specifically target street dogs with mange in order to help them fight the skin disease. We boost their system with healthy food, coconut oil, multivitamins and antibiotics if needed to support the treatment.

You can help by: alerting us whenever you see a dog with severe mange, volunteering in those weekly mange missions or by making a donation specifically for the anti-mange medications.


Even though we do not have any recorded cases of rabies neither in dogs nor humans, we still make it of most importance to keep as many animals vaccinated as possible. We always add free rabies vaccinations to our street Distemper/Parvo missions and to our mass spay/neuter events.

If you would like to help us prevent rabies consider donating today.

Day to day needs

We get DAILY alerts about troubled dogs and cats. Whether it’s malnourishment, dehydration, skin problems, infections, road accidents, severe viruses or abandonment, we do our best to tend to them all.

However, as non-profit, we rely purely on donations and tourists good will. As we are in process of attaining animal sanctuary, we also rely on boarding services at the local vet clinic which also add to our vet bills.

To help us with our daily rescue efforts, we welcome any of those items on our wish list. When You visit the island next and have some spare space in your luggage, please consider donating any of the following: Collars and leashes, Muzzles, 1ml syringes and needles, Anti tick and fleas soaps and spot-ons, Multivitamins, Vit C suspension, Amoxicilin tablets and liquid, Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver, Honey, Dog food, Large and medium dog kennels and cages.


Our volunteers conduct daily feeding sessions with homeless packs of dogs around Cloud 9, General Luna and Malinao. If you would like to contribute to our food drive consider sponsoring monthly food supply or making one time donating today.