Become a sponsor

It is important for us ensure the continuity of our efforts and maximum efficiency in animal rescue here on the island. We cannot do it without YOUR help! We are continuously looking for sponsors to support those efforts. Sponsors generally make either one time LARGE SUM donation towards a specific cause, or make themselves available to support a cause on REGULAR BASIS. We created different sectors of sponsoring to make it easy for you to choose a cause that is close to your heart.


Sponsor an Event


If you would like to help us control the animal population on the island, consider becoming a sponsor for our next mass stay/neuter event. It is a high budget activity requiring extensive preparations. We break down the costs involved in a THREE day clinic:

PPBCC vets return flights Manila-Siargao: 600$

Operation cost for 1 animal: 10$ (including anaesthesia, statures, injectable antibiotic)(we anticipate 80-100 animals per day)

200 syringes: 25$

Anti-rabies vaccine: 2$ per vaccine (we anticipate to vaccinate 40 animals per day)

Anti- mange medication: 15$ per bottle (each bottle treats 100 animals)

Dog food: 40$ per 20kg sac, we tend to use two sacs per event

Lunch for vets and volunteers: 30$per day

Flyer printing: 20$

Vet’s accommodation: free as donation from local resort owners

Van transportation: free as donation from Viento Del Mar resort


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Medications / Material


Here is our wish list of items we always need during our rescue missions. Please consider sponsoring our regular supply purchasing or bringing those items as donation when you travel to the island.

  • Doramectin (anti-mange injectable medication

  • Ivermectin powder (edible anti-mange medicine for more aggressive dogs that are difficult to handle)

  • Syringes (1ml and 3ml)

  • NexGuard tablets for different size dogs

  • Anti- flea spot on

  • Vit C and Multivitamins for puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats

  • Co-amoxiclac suspension

  • Dewormers

  • Collars and leashes (different sizes)

  • Muzzles

  • Blankets and dog sleeping mats

  • Natural dog soap and shampoo

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Sponsor a Puppy


Our SPONSOR A PUPPY program ensures that we set the puppy to a good start in live. This program includes :

  • anti- mange medication for 4 week treatment

  • anti-rabies vaccine

  • 6in1 anti-virus vaccinations over six week course

  • deworming

  • multivitamins

  • collar

  • food

Cost of the program is 2500 Pesos (50$)

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Sponsor a Female Dog


Our SPONSOR A FEMALE DOG program aims for emergency spaying of female dogs that are unable to participate in the periodic sterilisation clinics. Those include cases that are difficult to handle or ferile, females heavily pregnant during the regular clinics, females in poor health requiring more appropriate and thorough surgery set up. We would love to include those special cases and give them chance for better health and life. Outside of mass clinics, we have to bring those animals for a regular spaying procedure at the local vet, which requires more preparation, medication and post procedure care and boarding.


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