Our loves ready for adoption

Take a look at some of our lovelies who are ready for their furever homes. Adopting is free, but you have to be able to continue providing your new fur baby with vaccinations, deworming and other necessities throughout their life. We reserve the rights to check once in a while of those requirements are being fulfilled. Even if you live far away and cannot physically take one of them home, you can still sponsor them until they find their human parents.



Known as the ‘dancing dog’. One Love Boat cruise mascot. Lola has been found by a traveling family on the side of the road. She was severely malnourished to the point that her motor skills became impaired and her muscles could not support the weight of her body. She needed to learn to walk again. After spending some time in recovery at the vet, she was first lovingly fostered by our volunteer Tensile, and now she is in the loving hands of volunteer foster mama Hanna. She has a lovely toting, adventurous personality. Lola makes both human and dog friends easily and is injecting everyone with her easy going attitude and positive vibes. Guaranteed to give you belly laughs.

Age : 6 months



True fighter. Prabu was found back in January with a spinal injury that impaired his mobility in the back legs. Before completing his full 6in1 vaccinations he fell ill with distemper in March. After amazing care from his foster mama Asia and Doc Rachelle, probe fought the virus and is now fully recovered with slight neurological signs and damage. This doesn’t stop this bundle of energy to play with his foster brother and roam around the feet of his current foster parents Alex and Patrick. As he will finish shedding the virus around mid June he will be ready for a forever home. Prabu will do best in a multiple dog household as he is incredibly sociable and fantastic with other animals- dog and cats.


Age : 5 months



Nancy is the lady of the house- light, soft, gentle and graceful. She was found alone on a beach with mange and malnourishment. She is very friendly, outgoing, confident and playful. Good with both people and other animals, she loves to explore. Currently undergoing anti-mange treatment and 6in1 vaccinations. Nancy will be spayed in the next upcoming mass sterilisation event.


Age: 3 months