Surf, sun and saving puppies


Siargao is a palm fringed pacific island in the southern part of the Phulippines, known for its laid back culture and world quality waves. For years it has been quiet on a tourist destination list, now it is fast developing and growing in its popularity. With this rapid influx of tourists, it is of most importance to protect it’s natural beauty and strive for sustainability. A lot of efforts are already in place to protect the environment as well as to ensure continuing development and education for children. However, nothing yet was created to help all the island companion animals. Recognizing the importance of improving welfare and extending love and compassion to four legged beings, Puppy Puddle Siargao was formed.

We strive for happiness and wellbeing of our furry friends as well as strive to help and educate underprivileged communities about such improvements as well. Those efforts place special importance on giving back to the island that is loved by many. In those efforts we invite anyone who wishes to find conscious travel and make a difference wherever they go.